At first there was a plan ….Замысел to sew not simply men's wear, to sew mood, style, self-trust. The idea embodiment needed years of training and laborious work, training from recognized masters of man's clothes and searches own подчерка. Podcherka Alexander Rashevsky. Since 1995 his name on hearing at those who appreciates all present, original, created in one copy. At those who is a good judge of details and knows the price to manual operation. Today the mark «Rashevsky» is a faultless cut, magnificent fabrics and a garniture, and also invariable fidelity to traditions of the European tailor's schools. Author's salon "Rashevsky" is hospitably opened for judges of qualitative materials and the faultless forms understanding that a good suit-it the investment into the image which brings dividends. Submit the world today, tomorrow, always. Do it beautifully and elegantly!

For strong and assured, for vigorous and self-sufficient - originals of tailor's skill from a plan to an embodiment. Author's salon "Rashevsky".