Individuality of perfection - that is what defines the style of Rashevsky. This is the style of a personal approach to everyone dresses in clothes from the Master. 

Each piece of Alexander Rashevsky - the embodiment of comfort and confidence that a successful synthesis of elegance and tradition. Rashevsky creates the noble and elegant items for the serious and extravagant, respectable and free men. He creates clothing for the individual, for each individual style. Here, even the most demanding man will be able to find anything that will make him an ideal and unique image. 

Career Masters - an ode to hard work. The first suit - in 18 years on - to the special technology and training at the prestigious tailor courses Atelier, interning at the famous men's tailor and teacher Mikhail Afanasyev, vice president of the Guild of Tailors Russia. Working with renowned masters became the foundation from which and began to create a unique style costume handmade Rashevsky, a style that combines the impossible: a pragmatic convenience and luxury of true dandyism. 

Constant experimentation with cut and designing, travel in search of the best fabrics, the study of traditions and work style of the cult of Italian tailors, knowledge and global experience gathered bit by bit - and all this in order to revive the culture of classical costume. Costume, which today bears the name of Rashevsky.