In the author's cabin Rashevsky, which was opened in Donetsk in 2004, is valued above all individuality: personal care, personal tailor, unique style and cut of each item. There are no uniform standards, with the exception of the highest quality service and high quality fabrics, there is no averaged patterns and model-cliche. Each client is fit to individual measurements. Master personally works with each customer, from selecting fabrics and discussion style. Personally, take measurements, building design and conduct fitting. 

It is not just sew costumes, here creates the male wardrobe - original tailor's skill: comfortable clothes for everyday, for significant events, important meetings and for a happy occasion. Costumes for business and politics, the costumes for the government and the bohemian, clothes for recreation and for work, for social events and business meetings. Cashmere for elegant jackets and coats, merino and silk for the respectable suits, denim jeans for comfort. 
Salon offers Rashevsky and clothing the world famous brands: hosiery, underwear, jackets, shirts, and fashion accessories: cufflinks, belts, badges and scarves, silk ties - all that is necessary for the actual man's wardrobe.